Kaanapali Beach Maui Hawaii

Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii

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Absolutely one of the nicest beaches you will find. Beautiful golden sand with large waves coming in all the time. The waves are not good for surfing because they are too close together, so you can swim without worrying about getting hit by a surf board. At Black Rock, you will find a good place to bring your fins and snorkel and you can do some diving and viewing the fish that hang out there. We have stayed on Kaanapali Beach four vacations now and have loved every one of them. The Kaanapali Beach Hotel has been our favorite place to stay and it is so convenient to just be right on the beach and to take a walk or a swim whenever you feel the urge.

If you just wanted to relax, you wouldn't even need a rental car. You could spend your whole visit right on Kaanapali Beach. There is a paved walkway along the entire beach and you can take a leisurely walk on the walkway to various hotels and restaurants. Just down the beach about 200 yards from the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, you will find the Whaler Village Shopping Center. It is an upscale shopping center with nice stores and restaurants.

While we stayed there, there was a large Catamaran, that did snorkeling and whale watching cruises, that pulled right up on the beach in front of The Kaanapali Beach Hotel, picked customers up and then, after the cruise and snorkeling, let them off right there on the beach again.

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