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Kaanapali Beach Hotel Maui

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The Kaanapali Beach Hotel opened for the first time in 1964. It is a "moderately priced" (moderate in comparison to other hotels in the area) hotel on a Five Star beach.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel "Wings"
The hotel buildings consist of one three story building that looks to be the oldest building. It is called the Molokai wing. We stayed there one visit and the rooms were comfortable and nicely decorated although you could tell that it was the old building. There is no elevator in this building so be prepared to carry all your luggage up and down three flights of stairs or, better yet, pay a bellman to do it for you. Figure on tipping about $1 per bag. Its good exercise to be going up and down the stairs but you may have a reason not to want a room in this wing. You will have to go outside in order to get to the lobby or to the restaurants or to the other three buildings.

kaanapali beach hotel layoutThe other three buildings are called Maui, Lanai and Kauai and are six stories high and are all interconnected and you would not have to get wet if it were raining out although you would be walking on the "outside" of the building. It is covered though. We stayed in the Maui wing one year and it was really nice to be able to look out over the entertainment at night. For two years we stayed in the Lanai wing and even though we did not have the "partial ocean view" room, we still had somewhat of a view of the ocean. In fact, every room that we stayed in had some type of view of the ocean. Its just that some rooms are better than others. Not spending much time in the room means we don't pay extra for a better than average view.

garden view viewAll the rooms we stayed in had nice views, even the "Garden View" room we had in the Molokai Wing. See the view to the right. This is not bad for the cheapest room they had.

Just like any other hotel, the taxes are killers. Room tax is currently 11.416%. So be prepared to pay more than you actually think the cost of the room. They all do it.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Parking
The hotel has a parking structure attached by walkways to the buildings. There is an added charge for parking. You can pay one fee to park your own car or you can pay another fee to have a valet park the car for you each time. Current prices, as of 2/24/08 are $9 per day for self-parking and $11 per day for valet parking. I'm not sure if the valet parking includes their tips but their website says that Valet tipping should be $2 minimum.

Kaanapali Beach Rooms
guest room kaanapali beach hotelThe hotel has 432 rooms that average 425 square feet in size. Each room has a lanai (balcony). Each room has either a king size bed with a twin daybed, or two double beds. Color cable TV, clock radio, coffee maker, hairdryer, iron and ironing board

Kaanapali Beach Hotel: Comfortable and Well Maintained
We have stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel for the last four times that we have visited Maui. It is reasonably priced and the rooms are comfortable. The staff is friendly and they are always doing their best to make you feel welcome and make your stay enjoyable. They say that they are the "Most Hawaiian Hotel." I'll take their word for that because we've only stayed at one other hotel on Maui, the Outrigger Royal Kahana, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. We have stayed at a good hotel on the Big Island, the Outrigger Kanaloa, which was quite nice, and we have stayed at a not very nice hotel on Waikiki Beach. The one at Waikiki Beach, the Waikiki Reef Towers Hotel, was arranged for us by our travel agent. It was a dump, circa 1950s. It might have been top of the line back then but it was not so in the 21st century. After that disaster, I decided that I could do better by making my own reservations.

Huge Courtyard
courtyard kaanapali beachThe Kaanapali Beach Hotel has a huge courtyard that is just beautiful. It has to be one of the biggest properties on the beach. There are many hibiscus and palm trees on the property providing lots of shade if that is what you are looking for. There are also other areas where you can get the sun, just keep moving your lounge chair around. The courtyard has a nice Whale shaped swimming pool and it also has a huge checkerboard that you can use painted coconuts for checkers.

Relaxing at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel
If you just wanted to relax, you wouldn't even need a rental car. You could spend your whole visit right at The Kaanapali Beach Hotel. In fact, I think a lot of people do just that. Lots of people just lay around on the hotel's lounges, by the swimming pool, sun tanning or reading.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Grounds Meticulously Maintained
The beautiful grounds are meticulously maintained by a huge staff of employees. They are out first thing every morning, raking up any of the many leaves that fall to the ground and straightening chairs and lounges. They do a great job of making the place look very inviting and comfortable. It has got to be tough going out there every day and raking those leaves. It never ends.

Entertainment at Kaanapali Beach Hotel
kaanapali beach hotel complimentary entertainmentEvery night there is free entertainment in the Tiki Courtyard. Along with an outdoor bar and a snack shack, there is also a nice stage where the staff puts on their own hula show with hawaiian music and hula dancers. This entertainment takes place every night and would be worth it even if you had to pay admission or a cover charge but you don't have to pay either. You can sit at the tables but you will not be able to get very comfortable if you lean back in your chair because they have a most uncomfortable metal back and it digs into your back. Maybe it is a good idea because it will help you stay awake as you are serenaded by hawaiian music.

Dinner Show "Kupanaha"
The Kaanapali Beach Hotel features a dinner show that performs Tuesday thru Saturday rights in the Kanahele Room Theater at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. The show is called: "Kupanaha - Maui Magic for All Ages"

Complimentary Breakfast At The Kaanapali Beach Hotel
complimentary breakfastThe Kanahele Room Theater is also the location where you will go for your one complimentary breakfast buffet. They put out a really nice spread of delicious breakfast foods and have the staff sing songs and subtly try to encourage you to purchase your activity tickets through them. There is no pressure and the entertainment and food is good.

The hotel has been named as one of the world's Best Places to Stay by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, and Travel & Leisure Magazine's #1 Best Value Hotel in Hawaii.

Free Hotel Activities
hula lessonsThe hotel staff provides free demonstrations and activities. The provide Ukulele lessons and will even sell you a ukulele if you want to purchase one. If you would like to learn how to make Poi, they have a demonstration and show you how to mash boiled Taro Roots with a stone poi pounder. Before you spend a lot of time learning how to make it, you might want to try a taste it first. There are also free hula lessons presented by their guest services staff. I watched as my wife took the lessons and the guy who was the teacher was very pleasant and put on a nice demonstration. There is also a Lei making lesson which looked like it would have been fun for the children.

Internet Access Not Included: Extra Charges
One thing that I hope the Kaanapali Beach Hotel will do for its customers, is to provide Internet service as a part of the room rental. Right now they are charging $10.24 for "24 hour service." Like anyone will use it for 24 hours. How about 42 cents for one hour of service? Wow! I never thought a hotel would charge for a basically expected service. I think we might have to look for another hotel the next time we visit or just go cold-turkey on Internet usage. Maybe it is just because they are in Hawaii but I have never, in the last 4 years, stayed at a hotel on the mainland where I have had to pay for Internet access.

Paved Beach Walkway
There is a paved walkway along the entire beach and you can take a leisurely walk on the walkway to various hotels and restaurants. Just down the beach about 200 yards from the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, you will find the Whaler Village Shopping Center. It is an upscale shopping center with nice stores and restaurants.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Beach Hut
kaanapali beach hutRight on the edge of the property as you go out across the walkway to the beach, Kaanapali Beach Hotel has a Beach hut where they will provide you with beach towels and other amenities. You just sign out the towels with your room number and sign them in later on. You can rent beach toys and make reservations for cruises.

While we stayed there, there was a large Catamaran that did snorkeling cruises that pulled right up on the beach in front of The Kaanapali Beach Hotel, picked customers up and then, after the cruise and snorkeling, let them off right there on the beach again. Kanapali beach hotel