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Old Prison, Lahaina, Maui

old prison lahaina
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old prisonThe fort in downtown Lahaina which was built in the 1830s, originally housed the prisoners. It was torn down in the 1850s and the stones were used to the Hale Pa'ahao, the Lahaina Old Prison. Hale Pa'ahao would be loosely translated as "Stuck In Irons." It was built by convict labor.

This view looks at the actual jail where the prisoners were kept in their cells. The original prison grounds actually had two buildings like this. There were smaller buidings on the grounds for cooking and washing and other functions.

jail cellsThere prison buildings had very small cells and shackles for the prisoners. It doesn't look like any place you would want to spend more than a few minutes of your time as a prisoner. For tourists, it is an interesting place to take a look around although there is not al lot there. Mainly a walled in courtyard area with an old house that was the prison with small cells.

There is free parking in a lot one block away at Prison Street and Front Street.


Here are the prison rules that were posted at the Lahaina Old Prison

prison cellPrison Rules
August 24, 1857
1. No prisoner will be permitted to retain in his possession any clothing, money, or other private property, but must deliver the same to the jailer, who will return it to the owner upon his legal discharge from jail.
2. Every prisoner must wear the prison dress furnished him by the Jailer.
3. No prisoner will be allowed to hold any conversation with the sentries, guard or any one else employed about the prison, nor give or receive anything to or from them but must in all cases make known his wants to the jailer personally.
4. Tobacco in any shape or form, opium or intoxicating drinks or drugs must not be used by any prisoner unless in the opinion of the Physician of the Jai they are necessary for the preservation of health.
5.Strict cleanliness must be observed and prisoners must not spit on the walls or floor of the cells or building nor deface these by writing, drawing or otherwise.
6. Prisoners must be careful not to break or damage the night tubs, pots, pans, spoons or anything else used about the prison or in connection therewith; they must also avoid tearing or otherwise injuring their clothes, blankets, hammocks, &c.
7. Every noise of whatever kind or nature, whether it be talking laughing, singing, whistling, or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.
8. At the ringing of the first bell in the morning, every prisoner must rise, put his hammock in order, and swing it up to its place. In five minutes from that time the second bell will be rung, and he will then take his night-tub and form in line with the other prisoners of the Ward, in the passage, and at the word "March" proceed to the yard and deposit the tub in the place set apart for that purpose, after which he will wash his entire person with soap and water.
9. At the hours appointed for meals, all the prisoners not in hospital will form in line and so proceed to the dining-room, where observing strict silence, each shall take the seat allotted him by the jailer.
10 Every Saturday all the prisoners shall fall into line and produce for inspection their clothes, blanket, hammock, &c. and wash and mend the same, so often as in the opinion of the jailer may seem necessary.
11. Prisoners will be shaved and have their hari cut by a person appointed for that purpose, so often as in the opinion of the Jailer may be necessary.
12. Any prisoner found gambling or stealing will be summarily punished.
13. Every prisoner when order by any Luna to perform any lawful work, must do so promptly and without making any remark tending to interfere with the discipline of the prison.
14. Any prisoner violating the foregoing rules and regulations will be punished by flogging, solitary confinement, placing in irons, reduction of food, shaving the head, or the pump, or shower bath, in the direction of the Chief Warden.
The above rules and regulations for the New Prison were approved by His Majesty in Privy Council, August 26, 1857.
L. Andrews, Secretary

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